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[Album] Soraru x Mafumafu/”After Rain Quest”

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[Album] Soraru x Mafumafu/”After Rain Quest”


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Music & Lyrics & Vocal: Soraru Mafumafu
Arrangement: Mafumafu
Mixing: Soraru
Mastering: Chama
Illusration & Design: Saine Komine

Presenting the first Soraru x Mafumafu doujin album!
Completely engineered by Soraru and featuring all musical arrangement by Mafumafu, After Rain Quest depicts clearly a world the two of them must have seen.
Includes game concept song Dai2ji Karakuri Kokka Keikaku, and the real first appearance of Soraru’s original songs Tsukisase and poco!
Features all kinds of music, from fanciful and fast tracks like Super Nuko World and Kuusou Sekai to Omocha no Shinzou to ballads such as Eimin Douwa!
Leap out of the real world and start your adventure with them!

01. [Prologue] 02. Kuusou Sekai to Omocha no Shinzou
03. Tsukisase Lyrics: Soraru Composition: Soraru Mafumafu
04. Eimin Douwa
05. Kakushigoto
06. [Scheme] 07. Irie no Kuni
08. Rokushouiro no Yuuutsu
09. Dai2ji Karakuri Kokka Keikaku
10. poco Lyrics & Composition: Soraru
11. [Cradle] 12. Super Nuko World
13. Sorairo MafuRadio – Soshite Densetsu e